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How to Repair and Replace Laptop Keyboard

Can fix it yourself is certainly more efficient than to a service. For that of course we must know the initial steps to improve the event of damage to the laptop keyboard. Some spill anything but water on the keyboard will make you into a panic and think it will cause damage and replace your keyboard.

Keyboard manufactured in such a way (meeting) so as to leave little or no room to clean up any spills.

Some laptop keyboard repair steps that can be done in terms of spill:

Do not panic that would make us do stupid things, think before reacting.
Do not use a hair dryer to dry the spill, could result in the melt is difficult to type. Do not turn the laptop.

Immediately turn off the laptop and turn right back to the former spills - completely dry. See the damage after you dry it, do keyboard test trial to determine damages or attempting to use an external keyboard as a comparison to something already affected.

This diagram shows what such a basic keyboard, the keyboard ribbon cable that connects to the motherboard is shown by red arrows.

The ribbon cable can also be located on the front edge of the keyboard depending on the age and model of laptop you have.

Note the keyboard holder (thin strip of plastic) which is located on the edge of the laptop keyboard needs to be removed to gain access to the screws holding the keyboard down.
Most of the current laptop keyboard like the diagram below.

As simple as any spills will kill or at least some of the keyboard function will be lost. I only had success with a laptop keyboard repair that involved water spills, anything usually results in a tragic loss and put the old keyboard and replace with new ones.

How to replace laptop keyboard

Replace the keyboard is relatively simple, mostly keyboard is held in place with several screws, and in some models, as well as some of the screws that may need to be removed from the base unit. Dial for local authorized laptop computer repairer should help to determine what needs to screw off.

Keyboard connector is something that needs a little care when unplugging, if you're too heavy-handed and damage to the connector in any way you can even damage the mainboard also which can cause fatal .. be careful.

See below for the most commonly used connectors.

To release the keyboard ribbon cable connector that allows end up only about 2 or 3 millimeters, the band now have to slip out easily. The refitting of the occasional keyboard cleaned or replaced only in reverse.

Broke a few buttons?

Oops, it is difficult to repair once again and often end up having to replace the keyboard entirely. Some of the secrets of a very small plastic mounting holds the keys in place and is often damaged, be it a small mounting clips click into neutral. It's handy to have or get a hold of the old keyboard from the same type in order to process the parts you need.

You may need some tweezers and a steady hand for repair. The best thing I can suggest is to gently remove any of the other keys to see exactly how the arm mounting seat, once you have an idea of ​​how it should look. grab the tweezers and be patient, it may take some time.

With the tips given to you here, you can perform repairs on your own laptop (keyboard), fit themselves and pocket the savings.

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