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Restoring Computer Settings with System Restore

Restoring Computer Settings with System Restore - When a computer or laptop is in trouble due to a virus or because you have the wrong software or drivers installed of course we will all be thinking about how to restore the computer to its original state. The way we must first know the cause if it's because we are one install software or drivers, or even our computer exposed virus.Ya, if we know the cause it will be easier to fix it but if we do not know why our computers we would be problematic dizziness the.

Computer with a windows operating system with the use of computer number one in Indonesia, due to its use easy and not complicated. With an ease of use that any layman can easily and quickly if you want to learn to use a computer. No wonder a lot of computer users prefer Windows operating system to accompany a computer or laptop. However, not always the windows OS computer is running smoothly as we had hoped, sometimes when we have a little mistake with the system files on windows operating system it would be fatal to our computer.

In addition, other problems are also common arrangements windows are often tampered with, resulting in a computer is not running normally, but if you experience problems on Windows computers, one of which I mentioned above you do not have to worry and anxiety because there are facilities restore provided by Microsoft Windows and has been included with the operating system itself. Or you want to try an easier way, namely by re-install your computer, and do Setting Up a Computer to be Ready to Use. Want to know how to restore computer settings windows to normal as before the restore facility? please follow these steps:

How to Restoring Computer Settings with System Restore

Well in this discussion there is a way to restore the computer to its previous state or to a date before the problem affected computer:

1. Click on the Start menu at the bottom left of your computer and then All programs - then select Accessories and select system tools as shown below:

Restoring Computer Settings with System Restore

2. Next select the system restore

3. Then after the window has been open system restore, click next, then it will appear like this:

4. Check the show more restore points so you can see more and more options to restore to its original state. Select the one that is listed in the list, see the date and description on the list and you want to adjust the date and be returned to at any time. After that click next and the image will appear like this:

5. Click finish and wait a few moments, the process will take time until the computer restarts. If successful then your computer will be back on the date that you select in the list the system restore.

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my restoring tool not showing any restore point any you tell me how i can make system restore point