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Repair Total Death Laptop Battery

Find laptop batteries that have died in total, for the condition can be used, although not quite as good as new. It can be almost as good as a replacement laptop batteries and much cheaper than universal external laptop battery. Using the Freezer, the same place you put frozen peas and TV dinners, you can return the laptop battery dies.

Simply follow the instructions below and you can save money. It will only cost you the time needed to complete the list below. So, do yourself a favor and do it yourself.

1. Place the laptop battery that is totally dead in sealed plastic bags completely.
2. Place the bag and the batteries in your freezer for between 11-14 hours.
3. Remove the bag from your freezer and let it return the battery to room temperature after removing it from the bag, it is very important.
4. If your laptop battery is still moist cloth or towel dry.
5. Place your laptop battery if it dies back to your laptop.
6. Now actually charge your battery and then leave it to discharge completely. Repeat this step at least 3-4 times.
7. the battery dies you have to be much more useful, if not completely restored.

Well, consider replacing the internal battery at a fraction of the cost of alternative methods. So, do not throw your laptop battery in the trash just for now. By using this method could see you save yourself between 30-90% of the cost of replacing your laptop battery. Inexpensive alternative method is to replace the battery in the battery with a new set. First, you need to remove the battery from your laptop. You will need to open the battery with care, the screwdriver should do the job. In it you will be faced with a battery and some wires. A word of warning, if any leaking battery proceed cautiously. If you are not sure then do not proceed.

Now you will need to make a note of the type of laptop battery you have and exactly, I repeat exactly what is connected (wired) to one another. Just to make sure you can test your old battery with a millimeter or similar device to see what state they are in. If you touch the battery is leaking and then throw it right and then make sure you wash your hands thoroughly and you're back in business. After making sure that they are in fact dead laptop battery you will need to order some replacement batteries. To do this make sure the replacement has a higher milliamp value than the old, just a little. When you receive a replacement laptop battery you put new batteries in the correct position and replace the cable so that you can do the soldering is required. Be sure to use appropriate safety equipment and check all the connections are correct. Once your laptop battery is in place and confirmed everything you need to test them with millimeters to make sure they work as expected.

Replace laptop battery pack and seal properly. Reinstall the laptop battery to the laptop and start enjoying your new laptop lease of life.

You might consider a limited list below who may also benefit from any of the above methods.

Camcorder Digital Camera
Mobile Phone
Power Tools
Media Player Apple iPod
Two-Way Radio
Player Game Player

This method is good for the battery completely or almost dead and you save them from the recycling bin.

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