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How to Repair Damaged Laptop / Notebook

Most laptop users panic when the laptop is not working properly, so hastily brought to the service center. Whereas a corrupt software could be one cause. First analysis of the problem starting from the most minor problems. If the laptop still can get into bios setup loading, most likely the problem is only on the software alone.

Often the damage to the notebook / laptop protect error occurs because the hardware (system protection) that was designed by the hardware manufacture to protect against damage hardware (example: Intel chipset at temperatures above 60 'C, will decide the current / turn itself off to avoid over-heating).

Before concluding hardware damage to the notebook / laptop would be nice to do a standard analysis of the damage.

Some of the symptoms that arise when the notebook protects itself from over-heating:

SYMPTOMS 1. Lead power on the screen does not appear

Momentary chill notebook. Battrery then take off, turn it on using the ac adapter
Open the cover (bottom portion laptop) memory memory slot. Unplug it, then move to another slot (if there are two memory slots) ... for some kind of laptop that only has one memory slot, remove the memory and reinstall it.
Open the hard drive cover, remove the hard disk and try to turn it back on.
A parts of notebook processors can be see just by opening the bottom cover portion, may also try to step 5 on the processor.

Plug it in again and try to power up re-.

If the five phases mentioned above have been done but the notebook still not back to normal, then we can conclude there is a hardware problem with your notebook.

Damage to the lightest of the above symptoms is damage to the memory / sodim you simply replace with a new memory.

There are several possible damage caused by the symptoms mentioned above:

Processor or power supporters (APPN)
VGA chip (APPN)
Motherboard chip (APPN)
Bios chip (ic epromer)

Symptoms 2. There is no LED (indicator lamp) / no light at all.
These symptoms arise due to the absence of a voltage (electric current) entering or voltage interruption caused by damage to the power component. Before concluding damage to the power component, you should analyze the light that you can do yourself.

Replace Adapter / Cable with similar power to ensure that the damage occurred to the adapter / cable, or on your laptop.
Remove the Battery to ensure no interruption caused by damage to your laptop battery.
Note the LED (indacator lamp) on the adapter is lit or blinking normally (drop). If this happens, it's certainly the problem occurs on your laptop power ic component should immediately contact the nearest service center.

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